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"Visited the Fairmount location early this morning and was impressed to be treated like a person rather than a patient or a number. A little humor is always nice as well. Everyone was very polite and welcoming...definitely referring my family and friends to this urgent care! Thanks so much!"

Becca, Fairmount

"Can't say enough good things about your Cicero location! Was in today and everyone was amazing! Excellent care and service!"

Lori, Cicero

"My ear was bothering me this weekend (some pain, constant dull ringing, and pressure in my left ear), and I was in rather urgent need of assistance. As it is Sunday and my primary physician is out of town, this seemed like a good option for getting immediate treatment. All within the span of about 15-20 minutes, I was registered as a new patient, was seen by a nurse, and had the problem identified by a doctor as an ear infection, for which they immediately gave me an antibiotic prescription. This was by far the most efficient and pleasant experience I have ever had with a care provider in this town."

Adam, Ithaca

"This is a high quality urgent care facility. The staff were very nice, knowledgeable, and efficient. I was in and out in about 20 minutes with a prescription electronically sent to my pharmacy. The facility is also beautiful and appears to be brand new. Highly recommend!"

Jeff, Ithaca

"I was not feeling well and was having trouble breathing. I called Five Star Urgent Care in Ithaca to see how long it would take to be seen and they told me to "come on down." I was registered as soon as I walked in the door; faster than I thought possible. Then I was promptly shown into the examination room, which had a TV! I thought that was fantastic. The physician’s assistant and nurse were both very professional, enthusiastic, and I felt very well treated. I would recommend Five Star Urgent Care to anyone looking for fast and efficient medical care."

Angela, Ithaca

"Maybe I was lucky but I walked right in, no wait time. Staff was cute, helpful and friendly. The doctor was attentive, listened well and was friendly. If sick in the Corning area again this will be my first stop for medical care."

Billy, Big Flats

"My husband had become very ill with an infection and absolutely refused to go to No. Med. Urgent Care after they misdiagnosed both him and my daughter on separate occasions some time ago. I remembered a friend telling me about this new urgent care in Cicero that she was very happy with. She too had been misdiagnosed at No. Med just a few days prior. So my husband tried Five Star. It was a wonderful experience. Not a long wait at all! Very clean and modern facility and he loved the fact there was a TV in his exam room. The P.A that was on (Ann-Marie Harper) was extremely knowledgeable, gentle and very personable! My husband did nothing but rave about how happy he was with the care he received. The P.A even called herself the following day to see how he was feeling! This was a great experience and we highly recommend Five Star urgent care in Cicero!"

Mary, Cicero

"Accompanied my adult daughter here a couple of days before Christmas. She was sick with what turned out to be the flu. The facility is all new - it's been open less than a year. It was pleasant and very clean. There was free coffee and tea available in the waiting room. The staff was great. Also, because my daughter did not have health insurance, I had checked on the price before we got there. The minimum fee to be seen is $110.00, if no insurance. Otherwise, they work with your plan, and then you only have the copay. I called an emergency clinic in Camillus as well, and was told that their minimum was much higher (I think it was around $175.) My daughter really liked the doctor assigned to her at Five Star Urgent Care. They tested her and she found out which strain of the flu that she had, and then called in 2 prescriptions for the pharmacy of our choice. And, we did not wait very long. We had filled out a form online, so that when we got there, they already had all the pertinent info. She was seen within 20 minutes, as fortunately there were only a few people there. I think that a lot of people aren't aware of its existence. But, compared to the urgent care at North Medical, where we had gone last year, it was a much nicer waiting experience."

Kathy, Cicero

"Since they just opened not many people may know about this place yet. I love having it in my own town. It is close and convenient, especially for working moms who cannot get their kids into the doctor’s office during the day/early evening, or after hours on the weekend. It was clean and very family friendly. They had a waiting room, then a separate room with a 3D T.V. and video game, making the wait much nicer. There was a small T.V. in the exam room as well. The staff was very kind and informative. They got us in and out in a very timely manner. It is a great place for non-life threatening medical issues."

Suzanne, Cicero